• Treat everyone with respect
  • Professional
  • Understand the Value of Reputation
  • Maintain Accountability
  • Enthusiastic, Confident, Candid and Modest

What We Do

Core Values

Our Process

Ensure for our clients that their Forest Lands are an Asset, not
A Liability; offer Reward, not Burden.

Our steps include Discovery > Assessment > Project Solution > Project Time-Line > Project Implementation > Outcomes Measurement Review

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We Look Forward To Hearing From you

Either in-person, by phone, or email, HFLT LLC will place an emphasis on listening to your questions, circumstances, and priorities. Your interests are our starting point. I want to better understand your situation, what is pressing or important. From here we can agree on a time-line for delivery of service.

HFLT employs a unique but tested and proven successful approach, a "Triple-Play" of Assured Gains for our Client.