Frequently Asked Questions

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We Look Forward To Hearing From you

Either in-person, by phone, or email, HFLT LLC will place an emphasis on listening to your questions, circumstances, and priorities. Your interests are our starting point. I want to better understand your situation, what is pressing or important. From here we can agree on a time-line for delivery of service.
  1. Andy & Donna, Absentee Landowners: Our property is at times a drain on our finances, what can we do to lower expenses or generate income from the property?
  2. Joe and Cindy, Co-Executors, Parents Estate: Do we need to establish values on timber as part of the estate probate? Will we need this for tax purposes? What is basis establishment?
  3. Margaret, widow: I have been looking at these trees for 30 years, they are beautiful to me and I hate the thought of the cutting them and the mess it makes. Can’t I just let my son and daughter decide what to do about the timber?
  4. Stan and Kim, new woodland property owners: Are there environmental regulations that affect what we do on our own property logging?
  5. Jane, Trustee, and Cook Family Trust: As Trustee, I need help with property oversight decisions, being accountable to the family, and a plan. Is liability and risk a big issue? What ongoing responsibilities are there? Can we set up plan for the property and the estate both?
  6. Bill, landowner of 25 years: How do I know when it is the right time to harvest my timber?
  7. Warren and Linda, taxed landowners: We have heard there is a way to lower property taxes with a forestry plan. How does that work?
  8. Robert and Doris, retirees with property assets: We have ideas about leaving our property to our heirs, but are not sure where to start, what is most important, how to handle things legally, and how to keep peace between us and the children? What if only 2 of the 4 children care about the family property, how do we handle that?
  9. Michael, realtor: What are some ways that a Realtor and Forester can complement each other’s work?
  10. Larry and Alice, small business and property owners: How can we be sure that you have credibility to advise us? That we can trust you to look after our interests before your own?

“Your questions are our starting point. Before offering answers, I will ask questions to better understand your situation and what is important. Some situations involve other implications for now and in the future. We should not ignore those.  But with better understanding, property issues become more clear, solutions more obvious, and next steps become easier to advise and take.”

David Isner, NCRF