“I was very apprehensive about the decision cut timber on my family land. I wanted a forester who would understand our situation. Upon meeting David his approach was exceptionally professional. His personal attention to our family situation was considerate and thoughtful to each question. He explained how we could maximize the best returns on our timber. The financial results far exceeded our own expectations. Because we had a stream feeding a trout stream, he explained how a specific logging plan would be followed to maintain compliance with water quality regulations. It was important to him we were at ease about this. I highly recommend David Isner of Highland Forestry, Land & Timber for personal and professional service. Our family now values David as an advisor and friend.”

~Dawn M. and Family

“I recently followed up on a referral for guidance on timber harvest and sales. As a result I became acquainted with David Isner. He quickly proved to be hard-working, professional, and honest. He understood my situation and recommended a specialized harvest and direct log-sales method to capture top values for my high quality timber. The road to my property was improved. The adjoining owners were surprised by the professionalism with David’s harvest direction and the loggers work. I would recommend David to anyone seeking assistance with timber concerns.”

~Michael W.

“Last year we decided to have David with Highland Forestry, Land & Timber assist us with property planning and management, meeting our financial needs through timber harvest, timber inheritance basis, and how to treat timber sale income. We were very pleased to have guidance and availability from initial consultation and throughout the timber harvest. He helped advise our tax preparer to establish the inheritance basis in the timber and the updated basis which minimized our taxable gain on the timber sale. We felt like the assistance we received more than paid for the cost of the services, and David was courteous, patient, and professional. Thank you!”

~Betty & John T.

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“David was very good at listening, asking questions, and interpreting what my property interests are for now and in the future. I wanted to reduce my property taxes, understand the asset value of my timber, and have a plan for the future. David has given me the whole picture of timber management for my property, with an excellent Management Plan presented to the tax office on time and in a professional matter. His work has led to a huge tax savings for me and for that I am grateful. As my woodlands timber continues to grow, I look forward to having David’s guidance to monitor the maturity and market value so I can make the right decision about harvest”

~Tim M.

“Mr. Isner provided professional and helpful service regarding the timbering of property. He was very thorough in the explanation of the process. In this particular case, a temporary right of way needed to be established. The parties involved were expected to be a bit "problematic". However, Mr. Isner handled the parties and all of the legalities with the utmost professionalism. He kept me abreast, at all times, of the progress and status of the timbering project. From our very first meeting on, Mr. Isner methodically "took care of business". He is approachable and determined to achieve a positive outcome in his endeavors on a client's behalf! The end result of our project resulted in a far better than expected harvest! Financial matters were precisely detailed and completed expeditiously. Beyond the actual timber harvesting, Mr. Isner provided wise and expert direction regarding land management, future potential, and possible land transfer. I am very grateful that I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Isner and Highland Forestry Land Timber. He will be the first person that I call in the future if additional consultation or work regarding timbering and forestry land management is needed. With much appreciation, Ellen S.”

~Ellen S

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