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Either in-person, by phone, or email, HFLT LLC will place an emphasis on listening to your questions, circumstances, and priorities. Your interests are our starting point. I want to better understand your situation, what is pressing or important. From here we can agree on a time-line for delivery of service.


David has a B.S. from Virginia Tech in Forest Operations and Management, 1983. He is a 2008 graduate of the NC Natural Resources Leadership Institute.  He has conducted post graduate learning in Project Management, Small Business Management, Sales, Leadership, and Succession and Transition Planning for farm and timberland ownership entities.


David uses his 34 years of experience to provide the most trusted start-to-finish, complete service to his clients. His working career has covered timber and timberland valuation, timber operations & logging project management, timber and timberlands acquisitions, harvest management, and broad consulting, advising, and project management to private landowners, estates, trusts, and other ownership entities.


Often a specific service is requested, but with exploration of the clients circumstances, new implications of how to deliver the best service are uncovered. David believes that "Big Picture" issues and circumstances guide how services are planned and delivered for land management outcomes, in addition to 'business', 'taxes', 'risk management', and 'estate' affairs of the owner. 

Key Service

Without question, the most requested service for HFLT is  timber harvest planning, implementation, & management in conjunction with forest products marketing and sales.  We have a unique, tested and proven method which ensures highest financial returns, limited risk, and multiple outcomes of benefit to the land owner customer. Essentially what the landowner receives is very customized project management with identified outcomes.

Unique Service

Because of David's perspective about implications for the 'Big-Picture and his unique 'Business Management Approach', his view is often to the future in regards to what is recommended and accomplished today.  A unique client service  involves family-lands transition planning and ownership transfer assistance. Focus involves legacy visioning, family communications, priority and goal setting, asset identification, broad estate planning, ownership structure and transfer mechanisms.

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